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M.A.M.A.N Little Sweet Treats 

Luxury Bespoke Decorated Biscuits 


Welcome to Maman Little Sweet Treats 

How did a French teacher from Guadeloupe start decorating cookies?

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a fascination with cooking and baking, which has come from watching my Mum as a child. 

The kitchen was this magical place, where she would feel completely at ease, creating the most wonderful meals and desserts, sometimes with just a few simple ingredients.

There was always a freshly baked cake or tart, some biscuits or a flan, and the enchanting smells would invade the house and bring uplifting feelings of happiness, comfort and content.

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All of my luxury designs are bespoke and my own work. Collaborating with each of you to ensure the perfect set is created 


What do you want? are you stuck for an idea? see below for the themes we can create together

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