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From Guadeloupe to Gourmet: My Story of a Luxury Cookie Designer

Updated: Feb 17

Welcome to My Story of how I started making Cookies!

Hello, my name is Murielle. I originally came to the UK in 2000 to teach French in a secondary school. My first time away from my home island Guadeloupe (Yes, that Island from Death in Paradise). I always loved being in the kitchen with my Maman, helping her with the cooking for the family, the smells were just amazing! Anyway, fast forward 20 years, I had always baked cookies at Christmas for my husband and children, although rough around the edges I never had any complaints. I decided to see what this was all about through the COVID pandemic as I was asked to make Llama cookies for a friend in the August before (check out the image below) I had a thought, maybe I could do this and see how good I can get!

The Next steps

With some help and encouragement from my husband, I decided to give this a go and purchased my first batch of cookie cutters, created a Facebook and Instagram site and in time for Halloween 2020, launched my first ever collection! I was nervous and excited all in one go. One of the favourites of this collection was paint your own cookies and as you can see my icing could have been neater!

What came next?

After the success of the first collection, my name started to make its way online and I had a number of bespoke orders for birthdays, anniversary and christenings, with some of my most loyal customers coming back every year. A website was created, we advertised more, and more of you (amazing customers!) came to me for your special occasions.

I pride myself with the personal touch with every order I do, to ensure you receive the best possible luxury cookies for your event.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.


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